You have to keep this behavior

 Keep your distance from the beach: 200 meters (where there is not a passage entry).

 Keep your distance from the coast: 100 meters.

Your speed must be of 3 knots in the port and in the passage entry. 

You have to pay attention to divers’ signals (100MT).


   Liability for damages

     At the boat:

  The boat will be delivered in excellent conditions,

  Filled up with fuel, if you notice something which doesn’t?

 Run you have to tell it to the hirer, because every damage found

      Is at the expense of the client.


  Fines will be charged to your account, because our boats have the equipment

      for sailing within 1 mile (1800 meters)

    from the coast; they also have engine insurance.

If the boat would be put under attachment, the customer will have to pay

The daily rate until the giving back of the boat


  Fuel is not included.

Petrol consumption will be fix on your arrival; the counting will be

        done the price of fuel for the litres consumed.

        There is nothing to pay if the tanks are full.

       hire disclaims all responsibility either civil or penal
       coming from people or things damaged because of ack
of attention of the driver.